Bus and MAX on 5th at Yamhilll

Every market has particular challenges for movers and Portland, Oregon is no exception. For this reason, it is vital to work with movers who have experience dealing with the specific challenges of the area.

From weather issues to dealing with the city, to maneuvering through a home without marring the plaster, sheet rock, or furniture, we’ve overcome almost every challenge.

The items below are challenges Portland moving companies often face, and must have experience with.


Rain is always a consideration when moving around the Portland area. Thankfully we don’t have quite the level of rain that Seattle has, but it should always be factored in when moving between the months of October and May (if not June.) Here at Priority Moving, we have plenty of experience working in the Pacific Northwest rain. We have furniture pads and stretch wrap to cover any piece of furniture to make sure it arrives to its new home dry and without damage. Furthermore, our drivers are accustomed to maneuvering Portland roadways during all types of weather.


Parking can be an issue when moving into a crowded Portland neighborhood. It’s vital to secure a spot to make sure the move goes smoothly. When we move families into the inner Southeast Portland, for instance, we make sure that we have a spot designated for our moving truck. The driveways for many of those homes won’t accommodate our large trucks and very often the street parking is at a premium. We won’t be caught circling the block hoping that a spot opens up!

Difficult Layouts

Many homes in downtown Portland feature bedrooms that could be considered an attic. Narrow staircases lead up to the rooms and the same goes for basement rooms. Our men are very accustomed to maneuvering in these situations. You’d be amazed at what we’ve been able to squeeze up a steep, ladder-like staircase. As experienced furniture movers in the city of Portland and greater Portland area, we’ve seen all kinds of home configurations and we can manage them all. That said, if you have concerns about your new or current home, let us know and we can determine if we need to do a site visit prior to the big day. We’ve seen a lot, and we can overcome any challenge on a move.

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