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Moving season is approaching!

With that comes a lot of hustle and bustle to find the best place to live, pack, and then move.

It’s nerve-wracking and exciting all at once. However, hiring the best movers in Portland Oregon can alleviate much of the stress and bother.

With that in mind, we have assembled 10 questions to asks potential movers.

1. How long have you been in business?

There are many fly-by-night moving operations and it is important to make sure you are working with seasoned professionals who do this full-time. If your mover is not invested in his Portland, Oregon community, will he be invested in you?

2. Are you insured?

Every mover should be fully insured. There are so many variables involved in moving, and you want to have some assurances around your fine china and glassware. If a mover cannot show some proof of insurance, it is time to move along.

3. Do you have storage?

You might not even think you need storage. However, things can go awry with a move and you might have to store some or all of your belongings until you can fully inhabit your new abode. A full-service mover can help you ease that in-between time with storage services.

4. Do you handle piano moving?

You may not have a piano, nor even like piano music, but a mover who can handle a piano move knows his stuff. Drop that question into your conversation with a moving company and if they have experience moving pianos or other huge, odd-shaped objects, you have the assurance you need.

5. Do you offer packing services?

When a company can pack your items prior to moving them, everyone wins. The movers can be sure to pack things according to a logic that they know will work. Then, they will know immediately on moving day where to put each box, according to its contents, weight, etc. When movers pack you up, you end up with a far more efficient moving experience.

6. How do you prevent damage to the home you are moving me into/out of?

Here, you want to hear how the mover is savvy with pad-wrapping the furniture so that it does not mar the walls of your current abode nor those of your new home.

7. What sort of moving equipment do you have?

You need a mover that is ready for all contingencies. They must have pad wrapping, rug runners, dollies, hand trucks, moving straps, and even a few hand tools. Your Portland movers should have the moving equipment to get you in and out with maximum efficiency.

8. Can you handle my move into downtown Portland?

If you are moving into or out of a loft condo in the Pearl District and need to move, you need a mover that has a truck agile enough to meet your needs. Make sure your mover has as box van to handle your household items.

9. Do you have references?

You need assurances from past clients and a good mover will have highly-rated testimonials of which he is proud. Read these carefully before making your final decision.

10. Do you know your way around the city?

Believe it or not, some do not know the best routes to get to your new home. A seasoned mover in Portland Oregon will be aware of the trouble spots to avoid, particularly when driving a huge moving truck.

Remember to be assertive when you ask questions regarding your move. Read for more helpful moving questions when selecting a mover.

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