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Moving out of your home can be both exciting and stressful. Amidst the chaos of packing, organizing, and coordinating the logistics of the move, cleaning might be the last thing on your mind.

However, leaving your old place in pristine condition is essential, whether you’re a renter looking to get your security deposit back or a homeowner aiming to leave a good impression on the new occupants.

To make it all less daunting, here are ten cleaning tips and hacks to help you breeze through the moving-out process.

10 Helpful Moving-Out Cleaning Tips

Before You Start to Clean

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule: Before you start packing boxes, take time to create a cleaning schedule. Divide cleaning tasks into manageable chunks, allocating specific days or times for each area of the house. Having a schedule will keep you organized and ensure that you remember all crucial cleaning tasks. Start with less frequently used areas like the attic or garage and gradually work towards more heavily trafficked spaces.
  2. Declutter Before Cleaning: Moving presents an excellent opportunity to declutter and streamline your belongings. Start by setting aside items you no longer need or want. Donate, sell, or discard items to reduce the clutter in your home. Cleaning (and packing) will be much more manageable with fewer belongings. Plus, you’ll start fresh in your new space with what you most love and need.

How to Clean Before Moving

  1. Start at the Top: Once ready to begin cleaning, start at the top of each room and work down. Dust high places and light fixtures, make windows sparkle, wipe down closets and shelves, scrub cabinets and countertops, and finally, focus on floors. Working top-down is a smart way to thoroughly clean a space and keep track of tasks.
  2. Focus on High-Traffic Areas: When time is limited, prioritize cleaning high-traffic areas that accumulate the most dirt and grime. The kitchen and bathroom tend to require thorough cleaning. Scrub countertops, sinks, and appliances and remember to clean inside cabinets and drawers. In the bathroom, clean the toilet, shower, and sink thoroughly, ensuring that no soap scum or mold is left behind.
  3. Pay Attention to Appliances: Allow enough time to clean major appliances, which can be a big job. The refrigerator and stove require attention inside and out to clean grime, grease, and spills. Have a plan for emptying the fridge by moving day. If you have a dishwasher or built-in microwave, clean and freshen them.
  4. Don’t Forget About the Floors: Floors bear the brunt of daily wear and tear, so giving them extra attention before moving out is essential. If you have hardwood or tile floors, mop them with a gentle cleaner to restore their shine. Vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean that will leave floors looking like new.
  5. Spot Clean Walls & Baseboards: Over time, walls and baseboards often accumulate dirt, scuff marks, and fingerprints. Before moving out, spot-clean these surfaces to remove visible marks and stains. Pay special attention to areas near light switches, door handles, and corners, which are prone to collecting dirt and grime. Use a mild detergent or vinegar solution and a soft sponge to gently scrub marks away, then wipe down with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue.

Lighten Your Cleaning Load

  1. Delegate Tasks to Helpers: Moving out can be a team effort, so don’t hesitate to delegate cleaning tasks to friends, family members, or professional cleaners. Divide and conquer by assigning specific tasks based on your team’s strengths and preferences, from deep cleaning the bathroom or kitchen to tackling outdoor spaces or organizing clutter. By enlisting the help of others, you can lighten the workload and make the cleaning process – and your move – more efficient and enjoyable.
  2. Pack Cleaning Supplies Last: Keep cleaning supplies easily accessible by packing them last. Designate a box or tote specifically for cleaning supplies and keep it within reach until the final cleaning day. Include all-purpose cleaners, microfiber cloths, sponges, gloves, trash bags, and brooms. Having your cleaning supplies readily available ensures you can tackle any last-minute messes or touch-ups before handing over the keys to your old home.
  3. Finish with a Final Inspection: Once you’ve completed all your cleaning tasks, take some time to do a final inspection of your home. Walk through each room and inspect it with a critical eye, checking for any overlooked areas or missed spots. Open windows to let in fresh air and make your home smell clean and inviting. Clean any outdoor spaces, such as patios or balconies, and tidy up the yard if you have one. Completing a thorough final inspection will give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve left your home in excellent condition.

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