House Hunting Tips: Finding a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Finding a real estate you can trust can help you move into homes like these.

Finding a new home or selling your current one is difficult, especially when it involves moving to a different city. You might not know the best neighborhoods in your new town or be familiar with housing prices and market trends. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a knowledgeable real estate agent who can help make your transaction as smooth. However, finding a real estate agent you can trust is a bit trickier than choosing one whose face is on a billboard.

To make the hunt easier, we’ve put together a few tips for finding a real estate agent you can trust. In this post we’ll talk about:

  • The Difference Between a Buyer Agent vs Seller Agent
  • Asking About Real Estate Licensing
  • Interviewing Several Real Estate Agents
  • Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Cost


The Difference Between a Buyer Agent vs Seller Agent

Real estate agents can have a variety of different titles (and sometimes even two or three at the same time). For example: did you know that the term “Realtor” is not interchangeable with “real estate agent”? That’s because to be a Realtor, you must be certified by the National Association of Realtors.

However, the most common confusion comes between a buyer agent vs seller agent (also called a listing agent). While either of these agents can complete an entire transaction, they are only obligated to act in the interest of one party. In other words, you could miss a deal if you’re trying to buy a home through a seller agent, and vice versa.

If you’re searching for a new home, seek a buyer agent who specializes in hunting for properties and negotiating. If you need to sell your house, search for a seller agent who specializes in pricing strategy and handling offers.


Ask About Real Estate Licensing

Licensing is one of the most important pieces of the real estate agent search. When finding a real estate agent, make sure your he/she is fully licensed and affiliated with a reputable brokerage (i.e. Keller Williams or Redfin). All agents should have full access to their local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and be able to show any credentials upon request. This can be handy if you find an agent who works for an unfamiliar brokerage.

Don’t be shy to ask –proper credentials will give you peace of mind as you embark on your real estate journey.


Interviewing Several Real Estate Agents

Qualified real estate agents expect to be interviewed by their potential clients. Not only will it give you the opportunity to connect with an agent and gauge their skills and personality, but it’ll also give them a chance to sell themselves to you. Each agent has unique experience and qualities, which is why you should chat with at least 3 different professionals.

If you’re selling your home, be sure to ask each real estate agent for an estimate. The numbers should remain relatively similar, but if one is an outlier then you may need to question that candidate. If you’re a buyer, ask if they have any assistants who will be helping you. Also ask how often they get offers approved that are under asking price.

Also, assess the level of experience each agent has. Note that time spent in the industry doesn’t necessarily add up to quality experience, as younger agents might have deep understanding of the market, emerging trends, or home financing.


Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Cost

While deals can be had, your choice in real estate agent should be based on who you think can best fulfill your and your family’s needs. Buying or selling a home is a large commitment, so you’ll want to work with someone you can trust every step of the way. And often times a qualified real estate agent can pay dividends more in terms of securing better deals and outperforming other agents.

Most real estate agents are ethical businesspeople, but it is always worthwhile to keep your eyes and ears open. When finding a real estate agent, choose one who makes you feel most comfortable.


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Thank you for the very helpful article. You wrote on the site that you should interview several real estate agents, because each agent has unique experience and qualities. My brother is moving and needs to sell his home. I’ll advise that he meet with multiple agents, so that he can also see what their strategy is exactly for selling his home and if he agrees that it’s an effective way to go about it.


My husband and I are excited to start our search for a new home for our expanding family. We will need a real estate agent that will help us make this a smooth process. As you suggested, we will be sure to interview several real estate agents and assess their experience. Thanks for sharing!


Josh, I like the idea to visit with multiple real estate agents before making a decision. My wife and I have been planning on buying a brand new house to suit our growing family’s needs. I think that we should interview a few real estate agents until we find one that honors our family values.


I didn’t realize that interviewing multiple real estate agents can help you know they have the skills and personality to help you find a property. My sister is moving to the coast soon. These tips should help her find a professional that can help her get into the right home for her family.


I like what you said about interviewing a few agents in person so you can gauge their people skills and whether or not they fit with you. I have been trying to find an agent to help my wife and I buy a home this year. I will be sure to keep this in mind while I search, because I want to find somebody who I can connect with and trust.


You wrote that since buying real estate is such a big investment, you shouldn’t focus on cost when it comes to real estate agents and simply look for the very best in the business. My father is looking for an agent as he wants to buy a home. I’ll advise he narrow it down to a few different agents with great reputations, and choose the one with the best record for getting people into terrific homes and making a smart investment.


My husband and I are in the market for a new house, and we are wanting to hire agent to help us find it. I like how you pointed out that one way we could find the right is by talking to several different ones. This will be really helpful for us to be able to find the one that we feel is qualified to help us out.


I never knew that interviewing several different real estate agents can help you know they have the skill level and personality needed to help you find your dream home. My sister will be moving to the coast soon. Hopefully, these tips will help her find the beach real estate that she has always wanted.


My wife and I have been looking for some homes for sale that have large car garage options for us included. We’ve got 4 cars in our family as well as recreational vehicles that we would like to be able to store inside a protected area, so large car garage homes for sale would be our first choice. I like how your article talked about finding an experienced real estate agent, which I think would be really helpful in our search for finding the large garage homes for sale we’ve been wanting. We’re going to have to see if we can find a realtor who has a knack for finding these homes for sale, and hopefully get us the large car garage we’re looking for!


My husband and I are looking to buy our first home within the next year. I appreciate how you said to not focus on the cost of the agent, but rather if they are going to be able to fulfill your needs. We want to find a home our family can grow into, in a good neighborhood, so finding someone who wants to help us find our dream home as a team will make the experience so much better.


Thanks for the great tips for finding a real estate agent. We need to sell our home soon, and I know using an agent will help us do it faster. I’ll be sure to take your advice and interview multiple potential agents, so I can find someone who we both will connect with.


I really like that you suggested to interview multiple agents when choosing a real estate agent since each one can be unique with different experiences. That is a great point to keep in mind when my husband and I start to look for a home on the other side of our town. We are moving to due the fact that we just found out I am pregnant and need more room in a home. Thanks for the help.


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