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Moving supplies and boxes

How to Choose a Moving Company? Tips for Hiring the Best Movers

Josh Dudleston

When moving day is finally over and you’re settled in your new home, you want to be able to spend your first night in your own bed, relaxed and happy knowing that everything went according to plan. You want to…

5 Things You Should Do Before Professional Packers and Movers Arrive

Josh Dudleston

Moving day is stressful enough, why make it more difficult than it needs to be? One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself and professional packers and movers is to plan ahead and be well-prepared. We’ve had a…

Made in Portland logo on top of Priority Moving's professional movers.

Priority Moving Named Among 6 Best Portland Moving Companies in 2017

Josh Dudleston

Yet again, Priority Moving’s dedication to service has paid off –we have been named one of the best moving companies in Portland by Made in Port.Land! We love our work and our customers, so we are incredibly honored to have…

Moving to Another State

3 Helpful Tips on How to Move to Another State

Moving next door or across town can be pretty straightforward. Moving to another state, however, is much trickier. Even if you’re moving from Oregon to Washington or vice versa, you’ll need to take many more factors into consideration such as…

Expertise 20 Best Portland Movers of 2016

Priority Moving Named Expertise’s Best Portland Movers in 2016

Josh Dudleston

Hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction pay off. We’ve just learned that we have been named Expertise’s Best Movers in Portland, 2016! We couldn’t be happier to receive such high praise and recognition from a national organization. Our mission…

Family Researching the Best Moving Companies on their Computer

5 Tips for Discovering the Best Moving Companies

Josh Dudleston

Moving can be a very exciting time in your family’s lives. Unfortunately, logistics can also make it a nerve-racking experience. Packing, transporting and unpacking all of your earthly belongings is understandably a daunting undertaking. Letting a local moving company handle…

Happy Family Unloading Boxes from Moving Truck

How Many Movers Do I Need?

Josh Dudleston

“How many movers will I need?” This one of the most important questions to think over when hiring movers in Portland, Oregon. It is never easy to determine exactly how many people are needed to complete a move. However, when…

Retired Senior Couple Laughing Together Over the Phone

10 Questions to Ask Potential Movers

Josh Dudleston

Moving season is approaching! With that comes a lot of hustle and bustle to find the best place to live, pack, and then move. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting all at once. However, hiring the best movers in Portland Oregon can…

Family in Kitchen Smiling Next to Computer

How to Choose the Right Mover

Josh Dudleston

There are a hundred things that have to be done or resolved before you move.  Then there is the actual hassle of packing everything and you have to try to figure out how to pack your most expensive equipment or…

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Choosing a Portland Moving Company

Josh Dudleston

Moving home and relocating to a new place is never an easy job at its best. And at its worst, it can be a harrowing, nerve-wracking experience that could very well end in material loss to you. The problem with…