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Elderly Parents Happily Moved Into New Home

Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents

Typically, as we enter our middle-age, our parents are entering their retirement years and are in need of adjusting their living situation. They may enter retirement communities for assisted living, purchase small condominiums or spend a few years on the…

Finding a real estate you can trust can help you move into homes like these.

House Hunting Tips: Finding a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Josh Dudleston

Finding a new home or selling your current one is difficult, especially when it involves moving to a different city. You might not know the best neighborhoods in your new town or be familiar with housing prices and market trends….

Parents Helping Children Cope with Moving

3 Tips for Helping Children Cope with Moving

Josh Dudleston

Frequent moving can be overwhelming for children. Even if it’s their first time moving into a new neighborhood, it can be incredibly stressful for kids to leave behind a familiar place and start anew elsewhere. According to Psychology Today, the…

This packed garage is not ready for a move. Do you know how to downsize your belongings?

How to Downsize Your Belongings Before Your Big Move

Josh Dudleston

Moving will always be a little stressful. Even when you move with the best movers and for the best reasons, picking up your entire life and belongings can be overwhelming. However, you can reduce some of that stress (and even…

Moving to Another State

3 Helpful Tips on How to Move to Another State

Moving next door or across town can be pretty straightforward. Moving to another state, however, is much trickier. Even if you’re moving from Oregon to Washington or vice versa, you’ll need to take many more factors into consideration such as…

Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes Like a Pro

5 Simple Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes Like a Pro

Josh Dudleston

Moving is hard. Sorting and packing all of your possessions is one of life’s least-desired chores. But thankfully, this also means that you are likely starting your journey to a new home. Of the several ways to make your move…

Storage While House Hunting

Why You Should Consider Storage While House Hunting

Josh Dudleston

House hunting is a daunting chore. Competing with other buyers in a tight market can be stressful, and if you’ll also need to sell your own house, you’re in for an even trickier process. Often times, one of the things…

Dog Sitting in a Packed Car Before Move

How Do I Move with My Dog or Cat?: Pet Relocation Made Easy

Josh Dudleston

There’s a lot to figure out as you approach moving day. You might need to move large items such as pianos, or maybe you’re juggling the painters and flooring contractors at your new home. On top of that are the…

Packing Your Car for a Move

5 Tips for Packing Your Car for a Move

Josh Dudleston

When packing for a move, it is vital to make sure that everything is ready to go on the moving truck. Companies such as Priority Moving Services will make sure everything is pad-wrapped and boxes padded and sealed to provide the maximum…

What Military Families Need to Know Before a Move

What Military Families Need to Know Before a Move

Josh Dudleston

Every family is unique and has needs of its own. This is all the more evident during the time of a move. Military families, in particular, need to be especially aware of a few items before moving. Considering how often…