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Vacation Homes Along the Beach

Buying a Vacation Home? 3 Moving Tips for Getting Settled In

Josh Dudleston

Purchasing a vacation home is very exciting. The new home will allow you and your family to get away whenever you like. You can entertain family and friends and even create rental income to help pay the mortgage. This post…

Moving to Another State

3 Helpful Tips on How to Move to Another State

Moving next door or across town can be pretty straightforward. Moving to another state, however, is much trickier. Even if you’re moving from Oregon to Washington or vice versa, you’ll need to take many more factors into consideration such as…

Crescent Beach near Cannon Beach Oregon

5 Reasons to Move to the Oregon Coast

Josh Dudleston

The Oregon Coast is one of the most romantic, rugged, beautiful places in the entire United States. Combined with natural scenery, tourism, and opportunities to swim, surf, and fish, you will fall in love with the many distinct beach towns…